Jan 15, 2021

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Letter: Don’t recall Rivera

By Pennelope Goforth
  • Two people more or fewer in a room isn’t reason enough to take down a good elected official just trying to do his best in these trying times.
  • He earned his votes by taking care of business: He looked out for property tax payers when the state slashed revenue sharing; he struggled with the homelessness issues plaguing the city; he supported the People Mover expansion of bus routes.
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Letter: School district vaccinations

By Clarence Crawford
On Jan. 8, my wife and I had the good fortune to be vaccinated as seniors at the Anchorage School District Health Services. I would like my fellow citizens to know that these people are doing an extraordinary job.From the outset, we experienced efficiency, excellent organization, competence, careful attention to detail, and kindness. It was downright inspiring to see these good people at work doing good things. I am not able to name anyone we dealt with, but my understanding is that this was organized and administered by the ASD nurses and staff, and their professionalism was greatly appreciated.— Clarence CrawfordAnchorageHave something on […]Read more >

Letter: Vaccine clinic thanks

By Larry Holman
A big thank-you to the Anchorage School District, which really stepped up to the plate for our community. As a senior citizen, I got my COVID-19 vaccination along with several hundred other seniors in a well-organized clinic put on by the school district nurses. My wife and I were in and out of their facility in 30-plus minutes.Let’s hope the rest of the state can get its vaccinations as smoothly. Alaska will be ahead the curve. After the dramatic last few days and the last4 years of chaos, we can all begin to feel some relief. Good things can happen in the world.— Larry HolmanAnchorageHave something on your mind? Send to letters@adn.com […]Read more >

Letter: Critical thinking

By Shirley Fraser
I know people who believe in conspiracy theories and that the election was stolen; they aren’t nuts or bad. They do not think critically or choose reliable news sources. They do want what is best for the country, so what went wrong? It actually happened many years ago, when educators stopped teaching civics, critical thinking, cooperation and compromise, but especially civic responsibility.— Shirley FraserAnchorageHave something on your mind? Send to letters@adn.com or click here to submit via any web browser. Letters under 200 words have the best chance of being published. Writers should disclose any personal or professional connections […]Read more >

Soldotna teachers hope a return to in-school classes will help bridge a distance-learning divide

By Marc Lester
  • SOLDOTNA — Days before students returned for in-person classes, Skyview Middle School principal Sarge Truesdell could sense anticipation among the teachers as they prepared in empty classrooms.
  • Though much of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District remains at a high risk level for COVID-19, students whose families chose an onsite learning option returned to schools starting Monday.
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