Oct 26, 2020

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Cloverdale Middle School goes remote for the rest of the weeks because of infected students

Another school, Cloverdale Middle, goes “virtual” for the rest of this week because of COVID-19. From the Little Rock School District: Good evening Cloverdale Family: This is Principal Wanda Ruffins with an important message. We wanted to inform you that we had two students who tested positive for COVID-19,which was reported to our Point of Contact on Monday, October 26, 2020, per ourprotocols and ADH guidelines. Those students are in isolation, and43 students as well as 6 staff members, whopossiblycame into contact with the impacted students are in quarantine.Due to the fact that there were fewer students on campus as a result of […]Read full article >

Arkansas surgeon general’s family is a COVID cluster

Quick update on my family: My parents, wife, and two of three children have tested positive for #COVID19 in spite of our best attempts to distance & wear masks. I have had 3 PCR tests this week & remain negative. So far, everyone is doing ok #ARPX #ARnews — Gregory Bledsoe MD MPH (@ghbledsoe) October 26, 2020 We mentioned earlier today that Sen. Cecile Bledsoe had tested positive for COVID-19, one of seven legislators with active cases. This afternoon, her son, Surgeon General Gregory Bledsoe, announced on Twitter that five other family members have tested positive as well. This includes his father, Dr. James Bledsoe, chief […]Read full article >

Don’t miss this report on the heartless landlords of Arkansas

This is the lead story on the Arkansas Times website currently: A collaboration between ProPublica and the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network (now shepherded by former Times writer Benji Hardy) on the embarrassing state of landlord-tenant law in Arkansas. I repost it here to be sure no one misses it. We are the last state in the land with a criminal eviction statute because the powerful real estate lobby insists. People can wind up in jail for the inability to pay rent. From the article: In Mena, Jocelyn Mailly, 66, feared jail so much she went to court for her failure-to-vacate hearing in August despite having a fever and a presumptive […]Read full article >

When falling behind on rent in Arkansas leads to jail time

This story was published byProPublicain partnership with the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network. It was bad enough when Jazmon Allen lost her waitressing job in March at a Hot Springs barbecue restaurant during statewide closures meant to curb the pandemic. Then after she fell behind on her rent came the shock that only happens to tenants in Arkansas: In May, her landlord filed a criminal complaint for failing to pay and failing to vacate the property. When Allen, 29, didn’t appear in court as required on the morning of July 9, a warrant was issued for her. Four days later, an officer handcuffed her and booked her into a cell at the local […]Read full article >
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Pandemic puts live music venues on the riverfront in choppy economic waters

If there’s one thing we know in October that we didn’t know in March, it’s that the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States would not only introduce new economic distress, but put a spotlight on existing woes. And the economic crisis isn’t just threatening those needs at the base of Maslow’s hierarchy — hunger, shelter, clean water — it’s putting a devastating strain on arts and live performance. Ask any working musician, or ballet dancer, or concert promoter, and they’ll tell you: When the economy goes south, even when it dips more marginally than it has over the last eight months, live performance gets cut out of […]Read full article >