Oct 21, 2020

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Wednesday’s Child: 12-Year-Old Aylin

(MARE) – Aylin is a girl of Hispanic descent with a great sense of humor who loves to draw. Those that meet Aylin immediately note her big smile, and it is clear that she takes pride in her appearance. Aylin enjoys working on crafts projects, playing outside, riding bikes, and watching television. Aylin likes school and is able to make friends with some additional support. Legally freed for adoption, Aylin is very much looking forward to becoming part of a loving family. Her social worker feels that she will do best in a family with two mothers, a mother and a father, or a single mother. It is recommended that Aylin either be the only child […]Read full article >

Harvard, MIT Students Part Of Mission To Collect Sample From Asteroid

BOSTON (CBS) – It was a mission almost a decade in the making – early Tuesday evening, an SUV-sized spacecraft called “Osiris-Rex” quickly and carefully touched the surface of an asteroid. In just 16 seconds, a small robotic arm collected samples to find out what “Bennu” really is. Scientists believe Bennu, estimated to be four and a half billion years old, could hold valuable information. “Asteroids are the leftover pieces from how planets were formed, from how earth is formed. We’re going back and we’re sampling the original ingredient for life on earth by getting a sample of this asteroid Bennu,” explained MIT Professor of Planetary […]Read full article >
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Winthrop Hires ‘COVID Inspector’ To Enforce Restrictions

WINTHROP (CBS) – Multiple towns across Massachusetts are creating new positions in their local governments to enforce COVID-19 restrictions and to encourage people to take health measures like wearing a mask, sanitizing, and social distancing. The town of Winthrop has hired a part time “COVID Inspector.” The job will be done by one man who primarily will engage with people in the town through handing out masks and encouraging social distancing. “I don’t see this person necessarily doing a ride along with the police department, but would be the one who would follow up on any complaints,” said Meredith Hurley, the Town of Winthrop Director of […]Read full article >
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‘Panic Mode’: Eviction Crisis Begins In Chelsea, City Hit Hard By Coronavirus

CHELSEA (CBS) – Starting this week, eviction proceedings can resume in Massachusetts. A Chelsea community group that used to help a few families a week is now in “panic mode.” “Chelsea remains in ground zero we will not be able to recover today and we will not be able to recover for years to come,” said Gladys Vega, executive director of the Chelsea Collaborative. It’s been less than a week since the eviction moratorium expired. The result, the start of an eviction crisis in one of the already hardest hit communities. “Tension has been building up for months, right. Families have been dreading the expiration of the moratorium. Our families […]Read full article >
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Hearts & Soles Effort Honors COVID-19 Victims, Unites Staff At Newton-Wellesley Hospital

BOSTON (CBS) – When Newton-Wellesley Hospital chaplain Alyssa Adreani came up with the idea to honor COVID patients who died and their caregivers, she assumed it would be a solitary endeavor. As an avid runner, she decided to run one mile for each patient who died at the hospital and to run with the patients’ first names. She mentioned it, in passing, to a colleague in the hospital hallway. Physical therapist David Nicoloro immediately agreed to join her. By the end of the day, Adreani had a small group of runners who were dedicated to the effort. “I was so moved by this,” Adreani said. “I told my husband, ‘Four people want to run!” Her […]Read full article >
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Coronavirus Testing Opens At Suffolk Downs As Revere Sees Uptick In Coronavirus Daily Cases

REVERE (CBS) — Governor Charlie Baker stopped by Revere Tuesday to bring attention to a new free testing site set up at Suffolk Downs. “As many epidemiologists and public health experts predicted we have seen an uptick of positive cases in Massachusetts,” said Baker. He emphasized that testing is still one of the most powerful tools to keep people safe. People in Revere are upset the city is still in the high-risk red zone on the state’s COVID-19 map. “I just got a text yesterday about Revere being a hot spot and it bothers me,” said Deborah Walk. When asked the possibility of back-tracking some of the state’s reopening process, Baker said […]Read full article >