Oct 19, 2020

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Supreme Court to hear challenges to Trump border wall funding and asylum policies

By Priscilla Alvarez | CNN The Supreme Court said on Monday it would take up cases concerning President Donald Trump’s border wall and a controversial policy that requires asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as they await hearings in the United States. The border wall and asylum policy, informally known as “remain in Mexico,” have been cornerstones of the Trump administration’s immigration agenda. While the cases likely won’t be considered until next year, the move to take up both cases comes just weeks before the presidential election in which Trump has been touting the wall and efforts to stop undocumented immigrants from entering the US. […]Read full article >
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For many Californians, the pandemic marks the end of ‘barely making it’

Sarah Rivas was barely making rent since she’d moved to Sunnyvale. So when, three months into the pandemic, she woke up to an email from her school announcing a nearly 7% cut in teachers’ pay, she gave up a three-year battle. “I moved into my parents’ house,” said Rivas, who’s been teaching her class of twelfth-graders from Sacramento, three hours from their high school. “Not what every 26-year-old wants to do.” Rivas makes just below the median household income in the U.S. and hasn’t lost her job due to pandemic closures. Yet her inability to financially survive the pandemic is the manifestation of a foundational economic fracture between […]Read full article >
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Plucked Chicken & Beer opens in downtown Livermore

Plucked Chicken & Beer, the poultry concept from the folks behind Sauced BBQ, will start frying in Livermore today. It’s the third location for the counter-service eatery that owners Barrett Gomes and Brenden Scanlan launched in San Ramon in 2018 and then expanded to Pleasanton in 2019. Plucked joins the flagship Sauced BBQ on Livermore’s First Street — but it’s located at the other end of the downtown strip, in the former Cloud 9 Pizza space. Plucked offers several versions of fried chicken sandwiches — many with a little heat — on brioche buns. The Rooster tops the chicken with sharp cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon, a cage-free […]Read full article >
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Marauding raccoons tearing up lawns in Santa Clara neighborhood

DEAR JOAN:Our neighborhood, just south of Santa Clara University, is overwhelmed by night raiding raccoons. They come out of the storm drains at night and tear up the lawns and gardens seeking grubs, snails and such. After a night of foraging, the neighborhood yards look like an attack by an out-of-control rototiller. What can be done that’s not harmful to the critters? Rod Diridon Sr., Santa Clara DEAR ROD: An out-of-control rototiller is an appropriate descriptor for raccoons, bless them. I’ve been getting a lot of letters from all across the Bay Area complaining about them tearing up lawns. They do other things, too, but the lawn damage […]Read full article >
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How a D.C. chef is reviving Berkeley’s Limewood Bar & Restaurant at the Claremont

When it comes to job security, Joseph L. Paire III has many of us beat. Since arriving at the Limewood Bar & Restaurant at Berkeley’s Claremont Club & Spa, which reopened in August, the new executive chef has infused the menu with Southern-Cali touches, like his Bay Scallop Succotash with squash, corn and pole beans. But the recent Atlanta transplant can also bake bread, make pastries and manage hotels (he holds bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management and culinary arts). Did we mention he’s now studying for certification with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust? Soon, he’ll be swirling like a somm, too. Paire, 38, arrived in […]Read full article >
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East Bay pets of the week for Oct. 23

Hi, I’m Archie, a very affectionate boy that craves being near people. I have an adorable snort that I make when I get super-excited or if I’m pouting. Since I tire easily, I’m perfectly happy living in any size home as long as the environment is generally relaxed. To adopt me, visit berkeleyhumane.org online or call 510-845-7735 to learn about the new, no-contact adoption process at the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society (BEBHS). — BEBHS Related Articles East Bay pets of the week East Bay pets of the week East Bay pets of the week East Bay pets of the week Hi there! I’m Zeke, and I’m here to be your new sidekick. Like all sidekicks, I’m good […]Read full article >