Oct 26, 2020

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Eagles aren’t in any position to scoff at Dallas’ troubles

Asked about facing a key rival in such a state of duress, safety Rodney McLeod hit a number of familiar NFL rhetorical benchmarks, including the need to play “60 minutes of ball, man, in all three phases.” McLeod talked of putting records aside, because of the emotions of the divisional rivalry. Cox was in favor of throwing the records out the window, which come to think of it, might have appeal to both teams. […]Read full article >

Voters across Philly wait through rain, cold, and long lines as window to cast ballots early closes

Outside Tilden Middle School in Southwest Philadelphia, the progressive Working Families Party brought out a DJ to generate an air of festivity, and volunteers passed out folding chairs to voters settling in for a long wait. But it didn’t seem to cheer up voters who described a stressful election season — including misinformation, confusion, and weeks of phone calls chasing after mail ballots that never arrived. […]Read full article >