Oct 26, 2020

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Admissions Talks: Recommendations for Recommendations

A Word from Deb Driscoll, PhD and post-Master’s DNP Recruiter Regardless of which program you are applying to, the Admissions Committee is looking for your recommenders to speak to your ability to be academically successful in a rigorous graduate program.  If you are applying to one of our doctoral programs, then recommenders should be able to speak to your clinical skills (for DNP and DNP/PhD programs) and/or your research interest and experience (for PhD and DNP/PhD programs). Academic recommenders should speak to your commitment to academic success, commitment to nursing, and any additional experience you have had with them […]Read full article >

Facebook Live Debunks the Myths on COVID-19

Written by Sydnee Logan The REACH Initiative set out to debunk the myths on COVID-19 through a Facebook Live, where Dr. Jason Farley, Dr. Michelle Patch and Neysa Ernst, MSN, RN (nurse manager at Johns Hopkins Hospital Biocontainment Unit) answered questions from the public. All three have been frequently featured in the media amid COVID-19. The event was moderated by Dean Patricia Davidson. The experts tackled questions from “What is a novel coronavirus” to “Who should we believe when it comes to information on COVID-19?” On the latter question, the experts recommend information from CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins and […]Read full article >

4 Unique Careers in Nursing, and Tips for How to Get There

If you made it to this article, you probably know that all nurses do not work at the bedside in a hospital. But you’re probably wondering what else is out there. Hopkins nurses have pursued opportunities in community health, pharmaceutical sales, research, and witness testimony. So if you’re wondering what’s your niche in nursing, take some advice from Summer Thompson, “Keep an open mind when an extra job or duty presents itself. It could take you to a fascinating program.” On that note, meet Katie Graap, a Research Nurse Specialist at the National Cancer Institute, Melanie Rogers, a Public Health Nurse at […]Read full article >