Oct 26, 2020

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Comparison Shopping in the Age of Information Overload

Memory can be a funny thing. Sometimes we recall seeing things we’ve never actually seen. Other times, we complain that we have a terrible memory when we can’t remember a name or some piece trivia that we definitely knew at some point. It is no wonder, considering the vast amounts of data and information we are subjected to on a daily basis. Not to mention the use of technology – including social media – has made us forgetful. Now, imagine you find yourself in an electronics shop, about to buy a laptop. You’ve spent some time comparing the characteristics of several computers. In fact, your brain is filled to […]Read full article >
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How Would an Immigration Surge Affect Your Pay Cheque?

What’s the difference between a noodle seller and a fruit grower, apart from the obvious? Or a housekeeper and a machine operator? A firefighter and a technical support worker? A good deal, in terms of how they might be affected by an influx of immigrants. Immigration, long a simmering issue in open economies from the United States to New Zealand, has become political fodder again in a coronavirus-ravaged world of furloughs and layoffs. US President Donald Trump, seeking re-election in November, has tightened the criteria of the country’s visa for high-skilled workers. Singapore has raised the salary floor for foreign […]Read full article >
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How Ready Are You for the Work-from-Anywhere Era?

This article is part of a series entitled “The Future of Management”, about how changes in culture and technology are reshaping what managers do. INSEAD professors Pushan Dutt and Phanish Puranam serve as academic advisors for this series. The Covid-19 pandemic has hurled life and work as we once knew it into a state of near-paralysing uncertainty. So much has changed about our world so quickly that our first instinct may understandably be to find some small patch of solid-seeming ground and plant ourselves there for as long as we can, to await the resumption of normality. But the longer the virus lingers, […]Read full article >
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Food Security in a Pandemic: Lessons From India’s Lockdown

When India announced its nation-wide lockdown in March 2020, migrant workers, among the country’s poorest citizens, had a particularly difficult time adhering to lockdown measures. With just a few days’ worth of savings to carry them through this period of economic inactivity, many faced a stark choice: either rely on the authorities for their basic sustenance (especially food and shelter), or travel back home while risking contracting the virus along the way. Many chose the latter, undertaking lengthy and dangerous journeys on foot as public transportation was halted. The problem of migrant workers’ access to food in a […]Read full article >