Oct 26, 2020

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Shooting in western Las Vegas parking lot leaves 1 injured

Police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured in western Las Vegas on Monday night. Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Brian Boxler said officers were called to Desert Inn and Fort Apache roads around 7:11 p.m. in response to reports of gunfire in a parking lot. Officers found “evidence of a shooting,” he said. Around the same time, a gunshot victim drove to a local hospital, where police were called. “At this time, it appears the victim who self transported is related to the shooting,” Boxler said. No other information was immediately available. Contact Alexis Ford at aford@reviewjournal.com or […]Read full article >

LETTER: Hunter Biden rides that horse

I think that maybe we are being too hard on Joe Biden regarding his enterprising son, Hunter. Thinking that political favors are wrong just depends on your perspective. My father’s family was from Boston and, I suspect, from the same political background that Mr. Biden grew up in. When, after four years in college, I took my first job in a county health department, my uncle Joe was puzzled. See, in his world, county jobs such as mine were patronage positions, rewards for political loyalty. It all depends on your perspective. My mother-in-law liked to say, “What’s the point of having a horse if you don’t ride […]Read full article >

LETTER: The far-left agenda of Biden and Harris

I wonder how many Joe Biden/Kamala Harris voters have bothered to read the Democratic platform. Many would say Mr. Biden would not do a lot of those things. But assume this ticket gets elected. How long do you think Mr. Biden will remain president? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already formulating a plan to remove a president from office due to mental incapacity. Should this happen, Sen. Harris — a very, very liberal senator — becomes president. She will pursue the far-left agenda. If you, the voter, think that you are immune from the agenda because you voted Democrat, think again. […]Read full article >

LETTER: Presidential debates and bull-slinging

How sad that the presidential “debates” have gone from an exchange of ideas and polices to an exchange of B.S. and half truths. The Donald has turned into Rowdy Roddie Piper and Joe Biden into The Magnificent Warrior. Please, can we reclaim our position in the world by appealing to the best in human nature and not the worst? How can we ask God to bless a nation that has allowed its values to have fallen so fast and so far? […]Read full article >
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With a week left to go, politicos put final plans into action

With early voting set to wrap up Friday and Election Day a week away, Nevada political organizers have shifted yearlong plans to turn out voters into the final gear in what Democrats and Republicans agree will be a tight race for the state’s six electoral college votes. Democrats and their allies hope their case against President Donald Trump, focused mainly around a global pandemic that hit America hard and Nevada harder still under his leadership, will finally be enough to motivate young people and communities of color to paint a purple state firmly blue in this election and beyond. “We have worked for many, many months to […]Read full article >