Oct 19, 2020

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NEADS program seeking ‘puppy raisers’ to take service dogs in training into their homes

Editor’s Note: This article and the headline were updated to reflect the NEADS is the official name of the organization and that it was formerly known as the National Education for Assistance Dog Services.As a volunteer full-time puppy raiser for NEADS World Class Service Dogs, Shrewsbury resident Leah Bell is responsible for teaching and reinforcing basic obedience to Jettie, a 17-month-old black Labrador retriever, and, most importantly, socializing the dog to sights and […] […]Read full article >

The Waldorf Astoria was once the place to stay in New York City. Bargain hunters can visit Taunton to buy items from the hotel.

The two-week auction at the Silver City Galleria mall in Taunton will offer high end furniture from the historic and glamorous hotel for a fraction of its normal price. TAUNTON — Right now, the Silver City Galleria is a bizarre and beautiful sight to behold.Hosting the approximately 15,000 pieces of furniture and other items from New York City’s famously ritzy Waldorf Astoria hotel while they are up for auction, the mall is a strange tribute to 20th century America.Where once was a Champs Sports, elegant furniture from a suite where 16 American presidents stayed fills the space. Where once was a Radio Shack, there sits the […]Read full article >
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Northborough cancer survivor Ellie McDonald packages care for others

NORTHBOROUGH – Ellie McDonald said she relied on the support of family and friends to get her through treatment after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24.Now, roughly a year later, she has launched Tend to You Inc., a nonprofit offering similar support to other cancer patients through online resources and locally sourced care packages.“I had the idea for the nonprofit when sitting in a chemotherapy treatment about a year ago, thinking about how here in this building were so many cancer patients, and there were so many cancer patients in the state and in the world,” McDonald said in an interview Thursday. […]Read full article >
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Natick Town Meeting to take up resolution to restrict plastic straws in restaurants

Clay Napurano sees his resolution as the first step toward an eventual restriction. Some have concerns. NATICK — A local teenager successful in restricting plastic drinking straws at Natick High School has set his sights on accomplishing the same result in local restaurants.Clay Napurano, 18, is the driving force behind a non-binding resolution on the fall annual Town Meeting warrant that would prohibit full-service, sit-down restaurants in Natick from serving plastic straws and stirrers. Town Meeting starts Tuesday.Exceptions would be customers with an impairment or disability that requires them to use a straw to drink a […]Read full article >
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Winter energy costs to be higher but oil users may get break

Home heating costs are expected to grow this winter because of projections of colder weather and people continuing to shelter at home due to the pandemic. But many could get a break in New England, which is heavily dependent on heating oil.The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects a 10% decline in spending for home heating oil this winter while spending for propane is projected to grow 14%. There are projected increases of 6% for natural gas, and 7% for electricity, the agency says.Many families were already struggling to pay utility bills because of the pandemic, so any increase is a concern, said Mark Wolfe of the National […]Read full article >