Jan 20, 2021

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Mayor: Skydance bridge to be illuminated in red, white and blue, honoring inauguration


Staff reports

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt congratulated President Joseph Biden on his inauguration Wednesday and said on Twitter that Skydance bridge would be illuminated in red, white and blue Wednesday night to mark the occasion.

"On behalf of the people of Oklahoma City, I send congratulations to President @JoeBiden and Vice President @KamalaHarris," Holt tweeted after Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office.

"We are grateful for their willingness to serve our nation.

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Democratic Party chief hopes Biden lays out plan to represent all Americans


By Chris Casteel
Staff writer

Oklahoma Democratic Party chair Alicia Andrews said Tuesday that she’s hoping President-elect Joe Biden lays out a plan in his inaugural address to represent the entire country and that all Americans are receptive to the message.

“After the most recent four years of us having a president who had no intent of representing the entire country, I am hoping that (Biden) is very clear in his intent and specific in his intent to represent all of America, not just those who support him because we can’t do it with just those of us on one side,” said Andrews, of Tulsa.

“I’m hoping that he leans heavily into that and then talks about economic recovery — COVID and economic recovery.”

Andrews had to cancel her plans to attend Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony.

“COVID plus insurrection equals stay at home,” she said.

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No pardon for Joe Exotic


By Nolan Clay
Staff writer

There will be no celebratory limousine ride from prison for Joe Exotic after all.

In his latest and likely last acts of clemency, President Donald Trump granted pardons to 73 individuals and commuted the sentences of another 70, the White House announced early Wednesday morning.

Joe Exotic was not on the list, and Trump leaves office at noon.

His legal team, led by wealthy philanthropist and private investigator Eric Love, had a limousine ready to go and hyped up the possibility of his release so much in the media that it became a trending topic on Twitter.

In social media postings Tuesday, Joe Exotic said he was praying he was on the list.

"I ask my group of Angels to please help God guide this to happen," he said.

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