Jan 19, 2021

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Didn’t realize how taboo leaving mid-year would be

By /u/PaperSpoonTooth
  • I would think people would be a tiny bit understanding of me leaving at the semester end as I teach teenagers and not young kids and they only ever have me for half a year at a time anyway.
  • I do feel sad and realize my decision is not ideal but I’m potentially leaving for a position I can walk to for the next 20-30 years and the school literally has my area of teaching in their title.
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Thank you to this group for keeping it real

By /u/sgartistry
  • Whenever I'm struggling with something and try to talk about it with another teacher, I'm met with immediate "solutions" that just involve me working more than I already do (about 60-70 hours a week) and I'm told to say something positive about the day and move on.
  • The teachers that choose to only work 40 hours a week get talked negatively about all the time and they are not meeting the ridiculous standards our admin is setting.
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