Oct 19, 2020

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Students are Failing in a Hybrid-But-Mostly-Virtual Environment

Hey all! Newish graduate student here teaching an undergrad STEM course during the pandemic. Because my class is dependent on being all together in person when the weather is good, but there’s also a pandemic raging across our country, my class is Hyflex, but honestly mostly virtual, unless weather is very clear and covid threats are low, in which case I am required to hold in-person class. We’ve only had two outdoor classes because of weather and covid spikes, the rest have been over zoom/on their own using online tutorials and activities. I am okay with being virtual and actually feel much safer, and I know some of my students feel safer […]Read full article >

One of the best things about virtual teaching…

is that when parents now email me upset because their kids told them that I haven’t done X,Y,Z and that’s why they’re so confused, I can show them exactly where I have posted X, Y, and Z, PLUS how their kid hasn’t showed up to ANY of our meetings, turned anything in, or contacted me for help during my office hours, which are also clearly posted. EVERYTHING is documented nowadays kids. You can’t get away with it anymore. I will show your parents the receipts! BOOM! I’m not planning on staying in public school teaching next year anyway, because I’m tired of the bs that is everything about education but the actual teaching part, but this is […]Read full article >

Using recent slang to teach grammar

I’m looking at slang as a means to transition into grammar lessons. I want to compile a list of words before I inquire from students. But the idea is basically to have students teach me a bunch of slang, which would then transition into proper usage of grammar and the difference between "personal" language and "academic" language. My idea is to present a scenario in which my friend/relative used a word ("simping") and ask students what it means or misinterpret it myself ("so ‘simping’ means someone is acting ‘simple’?") so students will correct me. Then I’ll look at […]Read full article >

College Courses Skewed Toward Elementary Ed

I’m a secondary English education major, and my classes feel so skewed toward elementary education. I’m learning how to creare these complex long assignments like webquests that seem completely inapplicable in a high school setting where you have 6+ classes of 2-3 different levels of english. I feel like either I’m an idiot, or English is learned more through writing and discussion than super structured complex scavenger hunt assignments. Any advice? submitted by /u/Abjak180 [link] [comments] […]Read full article >

When to start applying to other districts?

Hello all! I’m trying to get out of my toxic, gross, negative, soul crushing district! When can I anticipate districts posting job openings for the 2020-2021 school year? Also I don’t trust my current admin to write me a letter or recommendation or provide me with a good reference as they are both very vindictive. Is it okay to have coworkers, team leads, previous employers as references, or would that look bad? Thanks! submitted by /u/hookahnights [link] [comments] […]Read full article >