Oct 21, 2020

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Salt Lake City school board members sent profane texts and attacks as they debated how to hold fall classes

As Salt Lake City school board members grappled with how to best teach students this fall — before ultimately deciding to continue with online-only classes — their disagreements boiled over into vulgarities and insults hurled at each other, at parents and at principals.Board member Katherine Kennedy sent several texts to the board’s president after a heated meeting ran longer than its scheduled time in July, saying “I f***ing HATE YOU.” Two other members exchanged messages attacking West High Principal Jared Wright, who they appointed, with one calling him “a tool” and commenting “Ef Jared.”They also complained about those who wanted their […]Read full article >
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Fred Ferguson: Next governor should build on Utah’s tourism industry

Utah. The state inspires images of awe-inspiring natural arches, fresh powder on our mountains and beautiful sunset vistas. Utah is the epitome of outdoor recreation, with 34 million acres of public land, five national parks, 44 state parks, 15 ski resorts, thousands of miles of mountain bike trails and much more.Outdoor recreation is a huge driver of Utah’s economy, generating $5.5 billion for the state, supporting more than 75,000 jobs and making up 3.3% of the state’s economy.Gov. Gary Herbert’s foresight to create the first state Office of Outdoor Recreation was a game-changing decision for the outdoor recreation industry. The decision […]Read full article >

Salt Lake County takes stock of COVID-19 damage as it prepares next year’s budget

Mayor Jenny Wilson presented her proposed 2021 budget to the Salt Lake County Council Tuesday, and it contained at least one surprise — sales tax revenue is up.The past year has thrown plenty of curveballs at the county’s finances, including a deadly pandemic, forced business closures, a disastrous earthquake, hurricane-force winds and the weekslong Neff Fire. After reviewing the numbers, however, Wilson found the county is “clearly in much better shape than we feared six months ago.”Still, Wilson and her staff are bracing for rough year ahead, especially since a coronavirus vaccine remains months away at best and future federal aid is tied […]Read full article >

Masked pope, faith leaders pray for peace and pandemic’s end

Rome • A masked Pope Francis welcomed religious leaders to a socially-distanced interfaith peace prayer Tuesday, appealing for a unified international effort to work for peace and an end to the coronavirus pandemic.Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu leaders stood for a minute of silence to pray for all the victims of COVID-19 and a universally available vaccine, as the sun set on the piazza overlooking the Roman Forum.“The pandemic is reminding us that we are blood brothers and sisters,” they said in a joint appeal issued at the end of the service.For weeks, Francis has shunned facemasks in his public and private audiences […]Read full article >

Religious identity and Supreme Court justices — a brief history

Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process has put focus not only on thewould-be Supreme Court justice’s faithbut thereligious makeup of the courtitself.If she is appointed, Barrett would be thesecond successive Catholicelevated to the U.S.’s highest court and the third Trump appointee tofind favor with the religious right.As ascholar who has studied the intersection of faith and law, I know that religion has always played a strong role in shaping the composition of the United States Supreme Court. The specific nature of that influence, however, has changed over time. In recent decades it has been shaped by conservatives of […]Read full article >

Bagley Cartoon: Dog Bite

This Pat Bagley cartoon appears in The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2020. You can check out the past 10 Bagley editorial cartoons below:What Women WantKiller AsteroidSupreme SphinxThe Persecution GameCovidiotsThe Liars’ ClubPandemic’s BoxA Royal PainBuild THIS Wall!White House UpdatesWant more Bagley? Become a fan on Facebook. […]Read full article >