Oct 23, 2020

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WARMINGTON: Restaurants roasted by restrictions, hungry for help

Article content continuedWe apologize, but this video has failed to load.VIDEOArguing the cure is worse than the illness, celebrity chef Mark McEwan has called on leaders to be “brave” and open things up to allow restaurants to carefully operate, so they have a chance to survive.Ford, who is caught between the grill and the deep fryer, responded Friday saying, “I have a great deal of respect for Mark McEwan, he’s a great entrepreneur – one of the greatest restaurant owners – but unfortunately Mark is not a medical professional, he’s a business owner. I respect what he is saying but again, we have to […]Read full article >
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LEVY: LTC Commission gives life-saving advice for COVID’s second wave

Article content continuedThe Commissioners also propose — in what I would I say is a system without strong oversight or an imperative to correct wrongdoing — that local hospitals be called in now to assist with homes that are “likely to have difficulties” based on past experience.My mind turns to Pickering’s Orchard Villa, which had the highest death rate from COVID in the province and was one of the homes where the Canadian military was sent in during April and May to assist.We apologize, but this video has failed to load.VIDEOIt is interesting to note that a series of families who lost, or came close to […]Read full article >

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 24

Article content continuedPeter BirksMississauga(We haven’t had his “sunny ways” in a long time. He should revisit that)TRUDEAU’S SIDESTEPIn the movie ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,’ Charles Durning’s character, the governor of Texas, sings a song bearing the lyrics, “Ohhhh I love to dance a little sidestep, now they see me now they don’t … cut a little swath and lead the people on.” Our deceitful prime minister continues to sidestep and, unfortunately, according to recent polls, lead too many people on. Thank you to Erin O’Toole and fellow Tories for at least […]Read full article >

MANDEL: Imprisoned pedophile enjoys sports and visits from girlfriend

Article content continuedThis is especially troubling considering Lund’s modus operandi: he had two girlfriends who “enthusiastically” provided him with children to satisfy his twisted appetites, including one who conspired to serve up the two-year-old she babysat so he coulddrug and rape her.So no wonder the parole board was worried by his efforts to restart his love life.“This situation remains a concern for the board as it demonstrates a lack of transparency with your CMT and shows you continue to lack insight into situations that may place you at risk of reoffending.”The reign of terror by the clean-cut son […]Read full article >
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BRAUN: Another day, another death, another failure to notify family

Article content continuedHe had an apartment but returned to the shelter system sometime in May, eventually tenting near Holy Trinity Church because of COVID space restrictions.“There were 30 people in that tent city,” said Page.  “He’d only been there two days, I think.“Out of the 30, six died that week, one of COVID and five overdoses,” she added.Ryman’s life was a series of ups and downs. He was about 19 when he started using drugs, although initially it did not disrupt his life. He had close  friends and a good relationship with his daughter, and he worked all his life.He’d just […]Read full article >
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Corso Italia resident claims neighbour uses bins to hold street parking spots

Article content continuedScreenshots from the Facebook group A.J. posted to about the bins blocking the road. (SCREENGRAB/FACEBOOK)“First come first serve. Everyone else has to park further down, or even on a different street at times, it’s the nature of it. And they need to be held to that as well, no matter how inconvenient it is for them.”A phone number could not be found for the address in question and a Google search didn’t provide a name of an owner.A.J. took his ire to a local Facebook group and posted photos of the bins there. The post has received over 160 comments since it was posted Thursday.When he […]Read full article >