Oct 23, 2020

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Wanting Everything: Tactics, Rights, and Queer/Feminist Care Jill Richards in conversation with Sangina Patnaik, and Kelly Mee Rich

“The Fury Archives is a tour-de-force study of modernist women’s struggles for citizenship and human rights across transnational geographies. Richards reminds us of the variegated sites and everydayness of politics—from the sphere of reproductive labor to the quotidian committee meeting—and offers a compelling genealogy of the intersections between women’s rights and human rights. It is one of the most nuanced accounts of politics as praxis I have ever read.“ ~Janice Ho, author of Nation and Citizenship in the Twentieth-Century British Novel Our Modern Studies Association virtual exhibit continues with a […]Read full article >

Take a Tour of Our MSA Virtual Exhibit with Philip Leventhal

Hi, I am Philip Leventhal, editor for literary studies at Columbia University Press, and I would like to welcome you to our Modernist Studies Association virtual exhibit.With each month that the COVID pandemic continues, we miss out on another occasion that in years past we would anticipate and look forward to. So while I am disappointed that this year’s Modernist Studies Association meeting in my hometown of Brooklyn has been canceled, I am very happy to share with you some recent books we’ve published.Throughout the week we will be featuring various books on this blog and on social media, so please check back. […]Read full article >

New From Columbia Books on Architecture and the City! Paths to Prison

On the Architectures of CarceralityEdited by Isabelle Kirkham-LewittThe collected essays in this book implicate architecture in the more longstanding and pervasive legacies of racialized coercion in the United States—and follow the premise that to understand how the prison enacts its violence in the present one must shift the epistemological frame elsewhere: to places, discourses, and narratives assumed to be outside of the sphere of incarceration. […]Read full article >

New Book Tuesday! Radio Empire, So You Want to Be a Neuroscientist? and Zhou History Unearthed

The Bamboo Manuscript Xinian and Early Chinese HistoriographyYuri PinesZhou History Unearthed offers both a novel understanding of early Chinese historiography and a fully annotated translation of Xinian (String of Years), the most notable historical manuscript from the state of Chu. Yuri Pines elucidates the importance of Xinian and other recently discovered texts for our understanding of history writing in Zhou China (1046–255 BCE), as well as major historical events and topics such as Chu’s cultural identity. […]Read full article >

Matthew Hart on Border Politics During the Pandemic Age

“A fascinating book about why the idea of being extraterritorial has come to preoccupy writers and artists and a rejoinder to celebrations of the cosmopolitan intellect or the ostensible age of postnational globalization. Hart highlights the aesthetic appeal and confusion arising from extraterritoriality’s mixture of loosening and constraint, of being outside but also within, in spaces where political determination is at once constant and violable.” ~Sarah Brouillette, author of UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary   Today’s guest post comes to us from Matthew Hart , author of Extraterritorial: A Political […]Read full article >
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Book Reading: The Moments When I Am Not a Woman By Dr. Leslea Hlusko

“The portraits in The Bearded Lady Project intentionally cause double takes, forcing the viewer to look, then look again. But their real power lies in how they require us to look inward and see that antediluvian ideas about who can and cannot do science still linger. The accompanying stories of remarkable women in paleontology make one hopeful that soon these old stereotypes will finally go extinct.” ~Marcia Bjornerud, professor of geosciences at Lawrence University, author of Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World We’re closing out our SVP virtual exhibit with a book reading by Dr. Leslea […]Read full article >