Jan 17, 2021

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Biden to announce vaccination plan, economic relief package Thursday

By WBRZ Staff
Biden to announce vaccination plan, economic relief package Thursday

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to unveil an economic stimulus package and a vaccination plan on Thursday, the first major legislative push of his administration which begins next week.

Biden will make the announcement during a live address Thursday night. The package will  lay out his plan to fund vaccinations nationwide and direct relief for families and communities struggling under the coronavirus pandemic. 

The plan is expected to include $2,000 relief checks for families, with $600 subtracted from the amount for those who already received the most recent stimulus offering. 

The Associated Press reports the plan would also allocate $50 billion to expand testing, $130 billion to help schools reopen and $20 billion toward vaccination efforts. 

Democrats briefed on the plan have also said Biden hopes to work with Republican lawmakers to get it passed rather than using the budget reconciliation process, which would only require a simple Senate majority. 

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Right-wing app Parler booted off internet over ties to siege

By Associated Press
  • It became the No. 1 free app on iPhones late last week after Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media platforms silenced President Donald Trump’s accounts over comments that seemed to incite Wednesday’s violent insurrection.
  • Apple followed suit on Saturday after giving Parler a day to address complaints it was being used to “plan and facilitate yet further illegal and dangerous activities.” But the death knell came from Amazon Web Services, the leading provider of cloud computing infrastructure, which informed Parler it would need to look for a new web-hosting service after Sunday.
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