Oct 23, 2020

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Coronavirus pandemic is causing ‘unacceptable’ shortages in US drug supplies, report says

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Trump 2020 Sign Tied Around Live Electrical Wires Above Wilmington Street

WILMINGTON (CBS) – Someone hung a Trump 2020 sign on live electrical wires above a street in Wilmington and police would like to speak with them. The letters and numbers were tied around power lines across Main Street early Friday morning. Police posted two photos of the sign on their social media pages. We are looking to speak with the individual who decided to hang a sign across Main St early this morning by tying it around live electrical wires. Not only did they run the risk of electrocution, but the low hanging sign caused a hazard to passing motorists. #WilmingtonMA pic.twitter.com/pAz4WB31br — Wilmington MA Police (@WilmingtonMAPD) […]Read full article >
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Who won the Trump-Biden debate? 6 key moments from the final showdown

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (NEXSTAR) — President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden met in their final debate Thursday night with just 12 days left until the election. Quite frankly, it was far more civil and issue-oriented than their first meeting. Much of the talk leading up to Thursday’s event centered around how Trump, whose hectoring performance at the first debate was viewed by aides as a mistake that turned off viewers, would perform amid a stretch of the campaign in which he has taken angry aim at the news media and unleashed deeply personal attacks on Biden and his adult son. What we saw Thursday was a calm and […]Read full article >
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Trump, Biden face off in final presidential debate

NASHVILLE (NewsNation Now) — The final presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden took place Thursday night in Nashville, Tennessee. The event, which featured several changes from the first debate, began at 9 p.m. EDT at Belmont University. The 90-minute debate is divided into six 15-minute segments, with each candidate granted 2 minutes of uninterrupted opening statements. While a candidate answers during the 2-minute period, their opponent’s microphone will be muted to prevent interruptions. The fight against coronavirus The debate opened with the first topic, the fight against […]Read full article >
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Gatherings are biggest contributing factor in new coronavirus cases in Santa Cruz County

SANTA CRUZ — Adherence to recent guidance regarding indoor gatherings issued by the California Department of Public Health — such as gathering with a maximum of three households — is vital in Santa Cruz County, where person-to-person household transmission makes up for two-thirds of the county’s total cases of COVID-19. Indoor gatherings are still a “major contributing factor” in terms of transmission, Santa Cruz County spokesman Jason Hoppin said Thursday in an email. Though local mask compliance is “very good,” Hoppin said — the reason why case counts remain low after the county was cleared to resume more activities after being designated […]Read full article >
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Thursday’s high school scores and highlights

THURSDAY’S RESULTS BOYS CROSS COUNTRY Bridgewater-Raynham 15, Durfee 50 Marshfield 27, Hingham 28 North Reading 26, Amesbury 31 Pentucket 19, Newburyport 38 Plymouth North 19, Silver Lake 44 Weymouth 27, Milton 29 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY Bridgewater-Raynham 25, Durfee 30 Newburyport 20, Pentucket 43 FIELD HOCKEY Abington 5, Rockland 1 Bishop Fenwick 4, Austin Prep 0 Bridgewater-Raynham 2, Brockton 2 Danvers 3, Gloucester 0 Dartmouth 3, West Bridgewater 0 Dracut 1, Methuen 1 Durfee 2, New Bedford 2 Duxbury 2, Whitman-Hanson 2 Foxboro 5, Stoughton 1 Franklin 6, Taunton 0 Hanover 3, Scituate 0 King Philip 8, Milford 2 Masconomet 2, Swampscott 0 […]Read full article >
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Quantum Time Twist Offers a Way to Create Schrödinger’s Clock

Albert Einstein’s twin paradox is one of the most famous thought experiments in physics. It postulates that if you send one of two twins on a return trip to a star at near light speed, they will be younger than their identical sibling when they return home. The age difference is a consequence of something called time dilation, which is described by Einstein’s special theory of relativity: the faster you travel, the slower time appears to pass. But what if we introduce quantum theory into the problem? Physicists Alexander Smith of Saint Anselm College and Dartmouth College and Mehdi Ahmadi of Santa Clara University tackle this […]Read full article >
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Lawsuit filed by ACLU-MN to protect people in Minnesota prisons from COVID-19

The lawsuit Arnold Baker et al v. Minnesota Department of Corrections alleges that the DOC has failed to put in measures to stop or even slow the transmission of coronavirus, and has violated its legal obligation to protect the people in its custody from the virus, including denying medical release to people with conditions that put them at grave risk.  The allegations of mishandling the crisis also include the following: An almost complete absence of social distancing throughout the prison system. Staff not wearing masks and mocking those who did. Staff denying testing to someone with Lyme disease who had a 103.7 fever and other […]Read full article >

Southern University’s elementary teacher prep program named as one of top in the nation

BATON ROUGE — An educational program for aspiring teachers instituted by one of south Louisiana’s universities has received national recognition. Southern University and A&M College announced Thursday that its undergraduate elementary teacher preparation program has been named among the top in the country by the National Council on Teacher Quality, which is a not-for-profit research and policy organization aimed at enhancing the quality of educational programs that prepare aspiring teachers for the realities of the classroom.“These top programs are to be commended,” observed […]Read full article >
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Two Years After Ghosn’s Arrest, Another Foreign CEO Takes a Chance on Japan

TOKYO—Nearly two years after Tokyo prosecutors arrested the country’s best-known foreign executive, Nissan Motor Co.’s Carlos Ghosn, a major Japanese company has made the rare choice of a foreign executive as its CEO. Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. said Jean-Marc Gilson, 56, currently head of a French food-ingredient maker called Roquette, would take over as its chief executive on April 1, 2021. He… […]Read full article >
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How to Spot (and Fight) Election Misinformation

by Cynthia Gordy Giwa ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up for ProPublica’s User’s Guide to Democracy, a series of personalized emails that help you understand the upcoming election, from who’s on your ballot to how to cast your vote. Summary: Disinformation is deliberately created with the intent to cause harm, while misinformation is incorrect information shared by people who believe it to be true. In 2020, dis- and misinformation about voting are very common online, especially about mail-in and in-person voting. Fabricated content usually tries to play to your emotions. Always double-check images […]Read full article >
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Get the Scoop on Sushi Safety

For many seafood enthusiasts, sushi is a perfect meal: well balanced, portable and as delicious to the eyes as it is to your tastebuds. But then, there’s the whole raw fish thing. How safe is that salmon sashimi, really? Registered dietitian Kate Patton, RD, shares the do’s and don’ts of sushi safety. Is sushi safe? Raw fish does pose some risk, says Patton. “Sushi can contain parasites, as well as bacteria and viruses.” Stories of tapeworms in sushi might sound like urban legends, but it can happen. Heat can kill the parasites in fish, but that’s not helpful for most raw sushi. Deep freezing fish can also zap the parasites, so the U.S. […]Read full article >
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Letters: A better use for that $263,000

Wait, $263,000 — did I read that right? Money spent buying food for people who lost jobs thanks to the pandemic? Rent payments so families aren’t put out on the street with winter coming on? The cost of running a homeless shelter for the winter? No, no, no. It’s what the AG’s office had to spend defending against the lawsuit brought by Minnesota state Sen. Gazelka and his caucus against our excellent Gov Walz using his emergency powers during the pandemic. Our tax dollars down the drain because of jealousy over who has power. C’mon Republicans, let’s figure out solutions instead of throwing nails on the street to disrupt progress. Every […]Read full article >
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Parents search for answers after they say toddler’s dental procedure left lasting damage

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Earlier this week, a toddler with a tooth problem went to see a Huntsville dentist to get it fixed. His parents say that procedure went terribly wrong, and now the boy needs surgery to fix it. 22-month-old Chance Roberson was in no pain. His mother, Monica Roberson, says he had two cavities caused by Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. She scheduled an appointment to have the teeth capped by Children’s Dentistry of Huntsville on October 20th. Caps are sometimes placed on a small child’s damaged tooth to save the tooth and protect it until permanent teeth grow in. "There would be light filing, they said, […]Read full article >
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Chick-fil-A sauces will soon be sold at select grocery stores to help fund employee scholarships

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — You soon won’t have to visit a Chick-fil-A restaurant to get your hands on the fast-food chain’s signature sauces. Chick-fil-A announced plans Thursday to sell its sauces at select grocery stores and retailers nationwide, and all of the proceeds will go toward a scholarship initiative for employees. The chain said that starting in mid-November, 16-ounce bottles of the company’s signature sauces will be made available for purchase at participating retailers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. You’ll be able to find the sauces at stores such as Publix, Kroger, Walmart and […]Read full article >

The Bernie Organizers Who Want to Elect Biden—Then Defeat Him

“I get it,” Mondaire Jones says into the camera, shaking his head. He is speaking on a Thursday night four weeks out from the election, to the virtual audience of a virtual rally hosted by Our Revolution, the PAC created by Bernie Sanders after his first presidential run in 2016; someone has just asked him about Joe Biden. Fresh off a primary victory in the wealthy, largely white suburbs of New York, Jones, who grew up in Section 8 housing in his district, is poised to become the first openly gay Black member of Congress. He got there on a platform of policies that Sanders championed and that Biden has largely rejected—measures like a Green […]Read full article >

Joe Biden and the Return of the Dreaded Bipartisan Commission

Joe Biden finally has a court-packing answer—sort of. After dodging the question of what he would do about the Supreme Court, he told CBS’s Norah O’Donnell he would create a “bipartisan commission” to study and recommend possible reforms and report back to him in six months, should he be elected. “There are a number of things that our constitutional scholars have debated, and I’ve looked to see what recommendations that commission might make,” Biden said. “There are a number of alternatives that go well beyond court-packing.”It is, in substance, not that different from Biden’s previous nonanswers on the very same question. Pressed on […]Read full article >

Has the Forest Service Been Making Wildfires Worse?

The Bear fire was one of the largest of the over 8,000 wildfires that have beset California this year. Now incorporated into the still-burning North Complex Fire, the Bear started in the Plumas National Forest, sparked by a series of lightning strikes on August 17 across the northern Sierra Nevada. It burned slowly at first, taking three weeks to grow to 12,000 acres. Then, on September 9, it transformed, traveling with such ferocity that it engulfed 183,000 acres in less than 24 hours, moving as fast as three miles an hour. “This is unheard-of,” Chad Hanson, a wildfire ecologist who has spent two decades studying fire in California, told […]Read full article >
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202 At Massachusetts Schools Test Positive For Coronavirus In Last Week

BOSTON (CBS) – There have been more than 200 coronavirus cases among students and staff in Massachusetts schools in the last week, according to the latest data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Districts reported 129 cases among students and 73 among staff members in schools between October 15-21. Schools are not required to report positive cases to the state. Since September 24th, when the weekly release of data started, 388 students and 233 staff have tested positive. The weekly report released every Thursday shows the number of positive cases for students who are in hybrid or in-person models. It does not include […]Read full article >
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A burning planet: Why we must learn to live with fire

This article was originally published by Yale Environment 360 and appears here as part of Canada’s National Observer’s collaboration with Climate Desk. There is a paradox at the core of Earth’s unravelling firescapes.The fires are seemingly everywhere, and everywhere more feral. They are burning from the Arctic to the Amazon, from New South Wales to the West Coast. They are visible, and their smoke projects their presence in the form of immense palls well removed from the flames. But equally significant are the fires that aren’t happening.The Earth is a fire planet, the only one we know. It has held fires as long as […]Read full article >
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Thousands Of Voters In Allegheny County Cast Ballots Ahead Of Election Day

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – This is the last weekend for the additional election offices to be in operation in Allegheny County. It is your chance to turn in your mail-in ballot in person or go vote early if you have not applied for a mail-in ballot. About 13,000 ballots were handed in each of the first two weekends and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald expects even more this weekend. “We are starting to get some indications that we might even have some national figures who may be coming this weekend to kind of rally the troops so stay tuned,” Fitzgerald said. In the 2016 presidential election, voters in Allegheny County cast 660,000 […]Read full article >
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University of Utah settles with family of murdered student Lauren McCluskey and renames its violence prevention center in her honor

By Mallika Kallingal and Jennifer Henderson | CNN The University of Utah has settled two lawsuits with the parents of Lauren McCluskey, a 21-year-old student who was killed by an ex-boyfriend she had complained about to police more than 20 times. McCluskey’s body was found in the back seat of a car on campus two years ago. She had been shot and killed by 37-year-old Melvin Rowland, a convicted sex offender who had spent more than a decade in prison. He killed himself hours later after a police chase, university police had said. Lauren McCluskey’s parents, Jill and Matt McCluskey, filed a $56 million lawsuit last year alleging the University […]Read full article >
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One in critical condition after shooting in the Flats

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — A 27-year-old man is in critical condition following a shooting in the Flats. Cleveland police search for suspect who assaulted Burger King employee after being asked to wear a mask It happened at Center Street and Merwin Avenue outside the Flat Iron Cafe at just after 10 p.m. Thursday. There were several casings in the street, while one window had a bullet hole. Two other possible victims were taken to hospitals. LATEST HEADLINES FROM FOX8.COM: One in critical condition after shooting in the Flats Weather: Sunny, warm most of the day; then evening storms as cold front moves through Missing: Abdiel Santana Seen […]Read full article >
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ASK AMY: Does it work to tell someone how you feel?

Article content continuedYet, people all the time get together to have a drink, meet over drinks, go out drinking, celebrate with drinking, receive bad news by having a drink, boost their confidence with a drink, serve every dinner with a drink, etc.Why is this necessary? I don’t understand it any more than I understand why most people drive well over the speed limit.— Curious, in Silver Spring MDDear Curious: It is not necessary to drink alcohol in order to celebrate, socialize, cope with one’s boredom, or enhance the flavour of a juicy steak. There is no question that alcohol consumption (and addiction) is responsible […]Read full article >
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Horoscopes Oct. 23, 2020: Weird Al Yankovic, call in favors, and put everything in place

CELEBRITIES BORN ON THIS DAY: Ryan Reynolds, 44; Cat Deeley, 44; Weird Al Yankovic, 61; Dwight Yoakam, 64. Actor Ryan Reynolds (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Happy Birthday: Call in favors, and put everything in place. Preparation will give you the confidence you require to take advantage of the changes and interesting trends heading your way. Knowledge and experience will play major roles in the way your life unfolds. A unique approach to relationships will help you secure an exciting future filled with adventure. Personal growth is featured. Your numbers are 5, 18, 24, 32, 38, 46, 49. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Refuse to let the […]Read full article >

Bridge: Oct. 23, 2020

AFAIK, my friend the English professor is quite appalled by the “shorthand” that has taken over the internet and social media. “It’s corrupting the language,” the prof complains. “Write ‘before,’ not ‘B4.’ We speak English, not bingo.” The prof was West in today’s deal. “When I saw that massive dummy,” he told me, “I wasn’t confident of beating 7NT, BTW, much less 6NT. Declarer took the ace of spades and then the K-Q. My partner discarded a heart. (OMG!) Declarer then cashed dummy’s top clubs, and partner threw a diamond.” LAST TRICK “Declarer continued with four top hearts and the ace of diamonds. At Trick 12, he exited with a heart, and […]Read full article >

Honolulu Marathon canceled due to pandemic

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! Jim Barahal held out hope. But finally, the Honolulu Marathon president decided there are too many variables caused by COVID-19 to hold the 26.2-mile race scheduled for Dec. 13. “It’s not the right thing at the right time at the right place,” Barahal said, Thursday after it was announced the marathon, and its associated 10K and mile events are canceled. He and other organizers had come up with a plan that included runners starting in waves. An expectation of many fewer people at the starting line and along the course than usual would help make it work, […]Read full article >

Honolulu to offer free COVID-19 testing at Waikiki Shell

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell announced Thursday that the city would offer free community testing at the Waikiki Shell through the end of November, using a surplus of 28,000 test kits. The surplus comes from a partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Serv­ices formed to conduct several weeks of surge testing here in August and September, he said. “As we open up, as we get back to a more open way of life, we want to get an accurate picture of where the virus is, and surveillance testing is how we get to that,” said Caldwell. “We want to make sure we’re using them to protect our residents, […]Read full article >

New website helps steer Hawaii students and adults to careers

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! An online portal — Hawaii Career Pathways — that launched this week will help students as well as adults gear up for jobs that are going to be in demand and can spur economic recovery in the state. The one-stop shop aims to give people the tools they need to succeed, whether they are just starting on their careers or need to shift to jobs that can sustain them despite the coronavirus pandemic. “Hawaii Career Pathways brings many of the work-based learning and career pathways efforts in our state under one roof to make it easier for students, parents, […]Read full article >

Rearview: Hilton Hawaiian Village marks 65 years, and how the fireworks show got started

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! I wrote about the Hilton Hawaiian Village earlier this year, as it celebrates 65 years in operation. It was Henry Kaiser’s first venture into the hotel business when it opened on Sept. 17, 1955. The Hawaiian Village Hotel was quite a bit smaller than today. It had just 70 cottages and could accommodate 150 people. Today it has over 3,000 rooms! The roofs were topped with coconut fronds giving them the look of old Hawaii. Eleven Samoan women from Laie wove them for $1 an hour, all the while chanting sweet Samoan tunes. Kaiser owned KHVH — an acronym of […]Read full article >

Why building an electric car is so expensive, for now

At Tesla Inc.’s ballyhooed Battery Day event in September, CEO Elon Musk set himself an ambitious target: to produce a $25,000 electric car in three years. Hitting that sticker price — about $13,000 cheaper than the least expensive model today — is seen as critical to deliver a true, mass-market product. Getting there means finding new savings on technology, most critically the batteries that can make up a third of a vehicle’s cost. Musk says innovations and in-house manufacturing can quickly halve that expense, while most competitors see a slower road to reach price parity with gas guzzlers. 1. Why are EV batteries […]Read full article >

U.S. airlines still piling up losses but say demand is rising

DALLAS >> Airlines are piling up billions of dollars in additional losses as the pandemic chokes off air travel, but a recent uptick in passengers, however modest, has provided some hope. American Airlines on Thursday reported a loss of $2.4 billion and Southwest Airlines lost $1.16 billion in the third quarter, typically a very strong period of air travel that includes most of the summer vacation season. Revenue plunged at both airlines. Combined with earlier losses reported by Delta and United, the four largest U.S. airlines have lost at least $10 billion in each of the last two quarters. It’s an unprecedented nosedive that […]Read full article >

Editorial: Going after the surgeon general

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! The city appears to be going to the mat over citations of U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams and his aide for violating the pandemic closure of Kualoa Regional Park. Their arraignment is set for Nov. 2, and there could even be a jury trial, said attorney Michael Green. They were cited because they were taking pictures rather than swimming, which would have been OK. Worst case, he could pay a $100 fine. Still, Adams had been here to help with COVID-19 surge testing, which makes it all seem a bit harsh. […]Read full article >
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Column: To vote is to hope

These voting lines will go down in history as a vital image of this momentous moment in 2020: Americans wearing masks, keeping their distance, or trying to, standing in the rain or sitting in lawn chairs in the sun, snacking or knitting, grateful for the entertainment of their phones. Some of the lines, like ones in Georgia, are disgracefully long, but others are uplifting, proof of dedication to this essential democratic act. […]Read full article >
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Polling 101: What Happened To The Polls In 2016 — And What You Should Know About Them In 2020

The results of the 2016 election came as a shock to many Americans. How could Donald Trump win the presidency when he was behind in the polls? As Election Day approaches in 2020, it once again looks like the Democratic candidate is in the lead. But can we really trust what pollsters are telling us? FiveThirtyEight database journalist Dhrumil Mehta explains why you shouldn’t give up on polling. […]Read full article >
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CASA of Tarrant County In Need of African-American Volunteers

Casa of Tarrant County has continued helping abused and neglected children this year, despite the challenges of the pandemic. And they have an urgent request right now. They need volunteers, specifically volunteers from the African-American community to become court-appointed special advocates. Local The latest news from around North Texas. Here’s why: Last year, 661 children in Tarrant County were removed from their homes and placed in foster care. Of that number, about 44%, identified as African-American. Yet, only 9% of advocates identify similarly. CASA said these figures tend to be mirrored in communities across Texas.  […]Read full article >
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Pa. expects an avalanche of mail ballots. Harrisburg’s failure to prepare is shameful. | Editorial

It should have been a simple step: Allowing mailed ballots to be opened, flattened, prepared for scanning — but neither scanned nor counted — in advance of Nov. 3. Counties across the state, red and blue alike, had sought to “pre-canvass” early arriving ballots in order to more efficiently and expeditiously tally voters’ choices on Nov. 3. But Harrisburg politicians abandoned these public servants and the public itself, in fruitless pursuit of petty partisan advantage. […]Read full article >